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About us

Trendmark Fritid AB is a part of Trendmark AB

Trendmark Fritid is the Swedish distributor of Gildan.
Produktion of Gildan started in USA 1984 in a very small scale - Gildan is today one of the largest manufacturer and marketer of branded clothing.
Gildan owns all from cotton fields, fabrics into a finished Product.
The company has approximately 33,000 employees worldwide.

Trendmark AB is Trendmark Fritids parent company.
Trendmark AB markets and represents carefully selected host leading brands in clothing and shoes.
The company has about 30 employees and sales of approximately 125 million SEK/year. Head office and warehouse are in Billdal, south of Gothenburg.
Sales office and showroom is located in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

Trendmark AB are also distributors for following brands.


A well known brand with its roots in the heart of Maine on the USA's east coast. The company has since its inception in 1946 has produced clothing inspired by nature and fashion changes.


Ocean Works

The brand for the discovered passion. The collection breathes functionality and fits at sea and on a walk along the coast.