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Gildan Stewardship

Gildan Stewardship is a code of conduct that permeates all of the employee's daily work.
There is an overall business strategy that emphasizes Gildans responsibility of all employees, the environment, our community and the products we manufacture.

Our four core values ​​are: People-Environment-Community-Product.


Gildan is the industry leader when it comes to working conditions. We value our employees and cherish them to feel secure, needed and having a stimulating work environment. Everyone should feel welcome regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender. At Gildan all are equal.


Gildan has a clear environmental approach applied in our daily activities. We think about the future generations and the environment we live and work in. We work hard to preserve the existing environmental resources and reduce the negative impacts of these. Gildans environmental program accomplishes two core objectes: it reduces our environmental impact while preserving the natural resources the Company utilizes.


Gildan often belong to the largest employers in the places where we operate. In addition to salaries and investments that contribute towards local economic development has Gildan also committed to continue to play an active role in the community by increasing the contribution and commitment. The low literacy is a barrier to building a strong local workforce. Education is one of Gildans key areas. As part of the production countries are often hit by natural disasters. The company has been actively involved in rapid humanitarian assistance when needed.


Gildan work responsibly to keep clear line of sustainable solutions. Product safety is a priority on Gildan and we ensure that our products meet the consumer laws, product safety and regulations in force. In April 2004, Gildan as one of the first clothing manufacturers in North America received the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This certification is further proof that Gildan is committed to protect the health of their consumers and to use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes

Finally, Gildan has a clear vision of how our daily work activities shall be conducted so as not to negatively affect the environment. It is everyone's our responsibility to ensure that this vision is followed.